How to Sell an Inherited House in Missouri and Kansas

The Problem

The question of how to sell an inherited house in Kansas City can be emotional, complex and time-consuming.

Before you can sell, the house typically proceeds through a legal process known as “probate court.” You will need an attorney and a special judge will be assigned to your case. You may be given the title of executor, administrator or personal representative, which typically means that you are responsible for managing and selling the house.

During this time, you will need to:

  • find and hire an attorney
  • pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance
  • pay for maintenance, like mowing the lawn
  • pay for repairs
  • pay attorney fees and court costs

And perhaps most importantly, you will need to find someone to buy the house.

The Solution

One solution is to contact a professional house buying company in Kansas City. They are designed to solve these problems. But, not all house buying companies are the same. The best house buying companies provide a complete set of benefits. At a minimum, they will:

  • navigate the court process with you
  • treat you with sensitivity and respect during this difficult time in your life
  • stop mortgage, taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses
  • stop the need for repairs
  • help pay your attorney fees
  • buy the house, giving cash to you and the heirs

Some people feel more comfortable hiring real estate agents. But agents don’t sell inherited houses on a regular basis and typically don’t understand the probate court process. Agents will also bring a parade of picky buyers through the house until it sells.

The best way to sell an inherited house

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The problem with real estate agents

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