How to Sell a House in a Divorce in Missouri or Kansas

The Problem

The question of how to sell a house in a divorce in Missouri or Kansas can be emotional and challenging. You are losing someone you once loved and fear what may happen next.

Missouri and Kansas law will tell you how much money you get in a divorce, but they will not tell you the best way to turn property, like your house, into money that can then be divided between you and your spouse. You will need a lawyer to guide you, but your lawyer understands the law, not the best way to sell the house.

There are many reasons why you want to sell the house. You need:

  • cash from the sale
  • to move your life forward

You also want to stop paying:

  • mortgage, taxes and insurance on the house
  • maintenance, like mowing the lawn
  • house repairs
  • divorce attorney fees and court costs

The Solution

One solution to selling your house fast in a divorce in Missouri and Kansas is to contact a company the specializes in buying houses from people getting divorced. But, not all house buying companies are the same. The best house buying companies provide a complete set of benefits. At a minimum, professional house buying companies will:

  • navigate the divorce court process with you
  • treat you with sensitivity and respect during this difficult time in your life
  • help pay your divorce attorney fees
  • speed: buy the house fast, providing you with cash from the sale
  • stop expenses: mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs
  • provide these services for free

Some people feel more comfortable hiring real estate agents. But agents don’t specialize in selling houses owned by divorcing couples. And they typically don’t understand the divorce court process. Just when you need a speedy resolution, agents will slow it down, bringing a parade of picky buyers through the house. They don’t have a buyer. They are hoping to find one. This can lead to more stress, with no guarantee that your house will sell.

The best way to sell your house in a divorce

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